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Emergency Locksmith Manchester

Emergency Locksmith  Manchester

24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Service In Manchester

If you are looking for a 24 Hour emergency locksmith Manchester then you are in the right place.

Locksmith Manchester 247 is locally owned and operated in south Manchester. Licensed, bonded & insured serving the Greater Manchester area with a knowledgeable professional 24 hour staff able to assist you in all of your Home locksmith and security needs.

With more than 15 years’ of experience, fair prices and accurate arrival times we give our best to provide you with a worry-free service experience.

All of our locksmith services come with a warranty. We use the best quality British Standard hardware and service you with state of the art equipment.

We know that in an emergency situation you need immediate service. That`s why we offer 24 hour lockout and lock change services. Join our thousands of satisfied customers by calling us.

Lock Out

If you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your home or workplace and are searching for an “emergency locksmith near me“ service. Our local team of professional staff and technicians work round the clock to provide 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Manchester and the surrounding area.

Our emergency locksmith technicians are trained to gain entry using only non-destructive techniques when possible. By using the latest and most advanced locksmithing equipment.

Our offer is this: the most professional and efficient 24 hour emergency locksmith service in Manchester at unbeatable prices.

We realize that emergency lockout situations can be frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes put you and your family, employees, and assets at risk.

In such situations, a professional and effective response is what one needs. Having locksmith technicians throughout the Greater Manchester area allows us to pride ourselves with the fastest response time and the most satisfied customers.

Most Common Reasons For Being Locked Out

There are many reasons why people find themselves saying, “I am locked out of my house.” It’s more common than you think and is one of our most popular services. From our experience, these are the most common reasons for being locked out:
  • Lost, Forgotten Or Stolen Keys 40%
  • Jammed Door Lock Or Broken/Faulty Hardware 35%
  • Key Broken In Keyhole Or Keys Locked Inside The House 25%

What To Do When Locked Out Of The House?

When you are locked out of your house or apartment, the most important thing is to stay calm and do not panic!

It’s a tense moment as you realize that you can’t gain access, but the worst thing you can do is start to break-in yourself.

The next thing is to try and identify the problem:

1. Have you lost your keys or maybe they got stolen? Or maybe you locked your keys inside the house? In this situation, you have to think if someone else has a spare key and call them ASAP.(think of family, friends, and landlord)

2. Are you locked out due to a jammed door lock, broken lock or broken hardware? Or maybe you have a broken key in the keyhole? In this situation, you definitely in need of a locksmith and if you are reading this your fastest way of having someone at your door is to give us a call.


We do not advise that you ever try to pick your own lock unless you a trained and experienced locksmith. Otherwise, you are fighting a losing battle. More times than not, you are likely to do more damage to the locks and the door mechanism/structure itself. This will end up being much more expensive than the cost of an emergency home lockout service.

Despite this warning, many people try to solve the problem themselves, either out of desperation or to try to save money on the cost of a locksmith. Save yourself the trouble and call either us or the fastest arriving locksmith in your area.

At this point, the best thing to do is to give us a call and get answers to your questions and receive assistance.

Still in need of help?

If we can not assist you for whatever reason(this will never happen).

Your second best option is to go to google and search for one of the following terms: “locksmith near me” “locksmith near my location” “emergency locksmith service” “24 hour locksmith” “emergency locksmith Manchester” “24 hour emergency locksmith in Manchester” or you can be more specific and search for more exact area instead of Manchester use your location( eg. Salford, Stockport, Sale, Wigan, Oldham, Rochdale etc.)

Any of the above terms will give you plenty of options to chose from.  Hopefully, you will find an emergency locksmith provider to assist you and solve your problem.

Every locksmith company out there is capable of providing lockout services so the criteria that you should look for are:

1. The speed/time it takes them to be at your door and let you in

2. The cost and quality of their services

A Few Additional Notes

It is strongly recommended to use only insurance approved hardware and British Standard locks and cylinders.

Just because you find yourself in a situation forced to change a lock due to any of the above-mentioned reasons. Please do NOT in any circumstances opt for a cheap alternative or replace the existing lock with one that has a lower security rating.

The most common locksmith hardware brands used throughout the UK are: ERA, CHUB, YALE, Mul-T-Lock and every professional locksmith should have them in stock.


Our locksmiths are standing by, ready to help you. Let us put our years of experience and in-depth expertise to work for you. Find out for yourself just how reliable and affordable Locksmith Manchester 247 is.

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